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Dolphin Technology offers one of the industry's largest selections of Interface IP, all of which has been optimized for ultra high performance across all processes supported. Our I/O portfolio includes:


  • Standard I/O (General Purpose I/O or GPIO)

  • Specialty I/O (bus-specific I/O, including LVDS, I2C, eMMC, SDIO, PCI, and more)

  • DDR4/3/2 & LPDDR5/4/3/2 I/O


  • I2C/I3C/I2S

  • Flash I/O

  • ONFI 4.2 / MDIO



We specialize in Staggered, Inline and Flip Chip pads with aggressive pitch for the most demanding designs, whether pad or core limited. Plus, our I/O Compiler enables us to customize the entire library based on process-specific and chip-specific options. 


The following TSMC process nodes are supported:


  • 5nm FF+

  • 6nm FF

  • 7nm FF

  • 16nm FF+, FFC

  • 28nm HP, HPx, LP, ULP

  • 40nm G, LP, ULP

  • 55nm GP, LP, ULP, EF

  • 65nm GP, LP

  • 80nm G, GC

  • 90nm G, GT, EF

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