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Dolphin offers an extensive array of Standard Cell libraries that have been methodically tested and verified in silicon for each process technology supported. 


More than 5000 fully customized cells are available, and each has been optimized for speed, routability, power and density, in order to maximize performance and wafer yield while lowering overall SoC cost.


Dolphin's libraries are available in Multi-VT (SVT, HVT, LVT), Multi-Channel Length (16nm-90nm) and Multi-Track (6-track, 6.5track, 7track, 7.5-track, 9-track, 10-track, 10.5-track, 12-track, 14-track), to meet a wide range of application requirements.


The following TSMC process nodes are supported:


  • 2nm FF

  • 3nm FF

  • 4nm FF

  • 5nm FF+

  • 6nm FF

  • 7nm FF

  • 16nm FF+, FFC

  • 28nm HP, HPx, LP, ULP

  • 40nm G, LP, ULP

  • 55nm GP, LP, ULP, EF

  • 65nm GP, LP

  • 80nm G, GC

  • 90nm G, GT, EF

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