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Dolphin Technology's hardened eMMC PHY, SD PHY, SDIO PHY and HS400 PHY IP provides a complete physical interface between Dolphin's eMMC host controller and eMMC devices operating at speeds up to 400 MB/s.

The solution includes a PHY DFE control block as soft IP for configuration interface, and an AFE control block (hard macros of DLL and IO block). Compensation control and compensation pads are provided for automatic driver and receiver (ODT) termination impedance calibration.

The following TSMC process nodes are supported:


  • 16nm FF+, FFC

  • 28nm HP, HPx, LP, ULP

  • 40nm G, LP, ULP

  • 55nm GP, LP, ULP, EF

  • 65nm GP, LP


Dolphin's eMMC5.1/SD4.1/SDIO4.1 Controller is designed to quickly and easily integrate into any SoC, and is optimized to provide a complete solution when combined with Dolphin's PHY IP.

The Controller supports embedded MultiMediaCard, Secure Digital and Secure Digital I/O cards on any SoC. Connection between the application processor and the Controller is through industry-standard AMBA APB2 and AXI4. In addition, a DMA interface is also supported for data transfer.


Dolphin’s eMMC/SD/SDIO Controllers support all TSMC process nodes.

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