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5,6,7nm Memory Product (FF+ GL, FF+ LL, FFC)


Single and Dual Port SRAM with both Row and Column redundancy with Following Low Power options:

  • Low Leakage with retention (light and deep sleep)

  • Power Gating with retention and without retention

  • Dual Rail (SRAM Periphery at lower Voltage)

  • Combinations of above low power options

1-Port and 2-port Register File with Column redundancy and all the above Low power options

Pseudo 2-Port Register Files Compiler

Multi-Banking Single Port SRAM compiler for larger SRAMs

ROM Compiler


Low Power Register Files Tiles to created low leakage memory blocks

Low Power Mode Support

  • Dual Power Rail: Memories with separate periphery and memory array power domains to save both dynamic and static power

  • Ultra Low Leak: Lower leakage while retaining contents of memory using light sleep or deep sleep mode

  • Power Gating: Provides absolute lowest leakage by turning off the power. Memory contents are not retained


Multi Banking Support

  • Generate larger instances(up to 2Mbits)

  • The memories are banked with the logic shared, to provide with the most area efficient solution for larger memory blocks


Memory BIST and Repair

  • BIST solution optimized to our memories

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